IEX, the Investors Exchange, is a fair, simple and transparent stock exchange dedicated to investor and issuer protection.


API Paths

Auction (GET) /deep/auction OpenAPI
Book (GET) /deep/book OpenAPI
Operational Halt Status (GET) /deep/op-halt-status OpenAPI
Security Event (GET) /deep/security-event OpenAPI
System Event (GET) /deep/system-event OpenAPI
HIST (GET) /hist OpenAPI
Chart (GET) Market Data,s OpenAPI
Market (GET) /market OpenAPI
Next Day Ex Date (GET) /ref-data/daily-list/next-day-ex-date OpenAPI
Corporate Actions (GET) /ref-data/daily-list/symbol-directory OpenAPI
Historical Summary (GET) /stats/historical OpenAPI
Recent (GET) /stats/recent OpenAPI
Batch Requests (GET) /stock/market/batch OpenAPI
Delayed Quote (GET) /stock/{symbol}/delayed-quote OpenAPI
Earnings (GET) /stock/{symbol}/earnings OpenAPI
Financials (GET) /stock/{symbol}/financials OpenAPI
List (GET) /stock/{symbol}/list OpenAPI
News (GET) /stock/{symbol}/news/last/{range} OpenAPI
Previous (GET) /stock/{symbol}/previous OpenAPI
Quote (GET) /stock/{symbol}/quote OpenAPI
Short Interest List (GET) /stock/{symbol}/short-interest OpenAPI
Splits (GET) /stock/{symbol}/splits/{range} OpenAPI
TOPS (GET) /tops OpenAPI